Treatment For Ilmu Hitam

Over the few months leading up to June 99, I explained treatment for ilmu hitam using a white peppercorn and verses of the Al Quran. I thought it would be good to give members a glimpse into this world of the unseen as it relates to Silat and how our gurus used to teach us about such things. When I wrote the article Pendekar, I mentioned that the Pendekar was a healer. Well, not just for physical afflictions, but also unseen spiritual afflictions arising from guna-guna or ilmu hitam and also people who wish to divest themselves of such ilmu.

Here is a session in which Pak Ansar is teaching the Sapik Kalo Instructors treatment methods for someone who suffers from an "infestation" of Jinns. The subject, one of our students, learnt a form of Ilmu Hitam that he wishes to be rid of. You can see here that we learnt very much by following the guru and from practical experience. The series below was taken in about 1993.
The subject waits, he feels sleepy and weak just before we start. He felt this way the moment he came into Pak Ansars house. Mukhriz and Amir prepares the kemenyan which is used to draw out the Jinn. In many ilmu hitam practises, the kemenyan is used to call the Jinn. 

Our objective in using the Kemenyan is for the Jin  to come so it can be trapped, tortured and interogated for information such as where a charm is buried etc. Although not essential, if you can obtain this information the subject may be cured almost immediately especially if we manage to trap it into a bottle. Bottled spirits anyone? :-) Otherwise it just takes a bit longer...

The kemenyan is sprinkled onto the burning end of the cigarette. Mukhriz puffs on the cigarette to increase the kemenyan fumes. He is careful not to inhale any fumes - you can't get high on kemenyan by the way :-)
The fumes are applied at what is beleieved to be the most common entry points of the Jinn, the tips of the fingers and the toes. The subject is asked to inhale the kemenyan fumes.
The other entry points are believed to be the tips of the fingers. .The fumes are also passed along the arm.
The subject at this stage says he feels really refreshed and invigorated.  Seeing indications that the Jinn  is present, Pak Ansar comes and applies a peppercorn to the toes upon which the subject feels a blasting pain that sears from the point where the peppercorn touches into the body. In extreme cases like this one he feels the pain engulfing his body. In lesser cases, the pain is felt at the tips only. A lady once said that the pain of childbirth is prefereable to this.
He issues his challenge and threat to the Jinn. At this stage I have seen in other cases the Jinn take possession of the host and we can interrogate him. At times it can be trapped into a bottle and sealed. The bottle is normally buried or thrown into the sea. Pak Ansar decides to block the Jinn from physically attacking us, something we call "mengunci" meaning to lock. He begins by tapping on the legs to lock the legs...
...the head... ...the top...
...the right... ...the left
Pak Ansar then continues.... Note that the subject hands are half raised as if attempting to attack us  but he cannot do so. All this while he is snarling in pain but the Jinn refuses to fully manifest itself. Pak Ansar says this is probably because it has been thrashed a few times before by yours truly ....:-). I am sitting and holding the subject on the left by the way. 

I had really hoped to record the interrogation on video like I had seen many times before where the Jinn(or actually Syaitan) actually talks to us. We must keep in mind that they are liars and must not believe everything they say.

By the way, I don't suggest anyone try this without supervision as you can also damage your patient and yourself if you don't know what you're doing.

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